The OnePlus 8 is OnePlus’s first smartphone to be Android Enterprise Recommended

Prior this year, OnePlus set a goal of having its gadgets be Android Enterprise Recommended (AER). Months subsequent to setting this objective, Google has officially designated the OnePlus 8 as a major aspect of the program.

Google launched the Android Enterprise Recommended program in February 2018 as an approach to make a rundown of ensured gadgets that are prescribed for ventures to turn out to its representatives.

As of this composition, 189 gadgets are guaranteed as AER — and the OnePlus 8 currently joins that rundown. To be remembered for the program, AER gadgets must meet certain programming update requirements based on whatever Android OS they’re running. Certain equipment prerequisites must be met too, including offering 8+ long periods of battery life, have in any event 2GB of RAM, and highlight at least 32GB of capacity.

The OnePlus 8 more than meets those hardware necessities; the lead gadget includes up to 12GB of RAM, up to 256GB of capacity, and sufficient battery life because of its 4,300mAh battery. OnePlus has likewise vowed to offer three years of every other month security refreshes just as two years of significant OS refreshes.

Starting at now, just the OnePlus 8 seems, by all accounts, to be AER ensured. We’ve connected with OnePlus to check whether the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus Nord will additionally get AER accreditation later on.

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